Cancer kills more children than any other disease. Each year over 800 Australian children will be diagnosed with cancer but sadly only 83% of these children will survive.

My Room believes in a future where no child suffers from cancer. Where there’s a cure rate of 100%. Where children experience no long-term physical or emotional harm from the illness, or the treatment. Where children don’t suffer set backs to their education or social development.

We’re working towards that 100% cure rate for all childhood cancers, and we’re determined to succeed. But we need your help. Together, we can make it happen.

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How Donations Are Used


Research helps to improve treatment options and could lead us to a cure. Help make childhood cancers a thing of the past by supporting My Room.


The right equipment can make life more comfortable for a child who is getting treatment and cutting edge equipment has the power to change lives. Your donation can have a huge effect on the life of a sick child.

Family Care & Support

Having a child who is sick is one of the worst experiences a parent or carer can go through. My Room is committed to providing financial assistance to families affected by cancer.

About Us

In 1992, a group of parents came together with a humble goal to raise enough money to renovate rooms in the cancer ward of The Royal Children’s Hospital. They achieved that goal, and more. In fact, since 1992 My Room has made substantial donations to improve the outcomes and quality of life for children with cancer and their families.

These donations have funded a range of projects and initiatives around childhood cancers, including:
Research grants · Medical equipment · Family care and support

The donations grew, and so did the ambitions of the My Room founders. In 1998 they created the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF), to act as an umbrella organisation for groups supporting paediatric cancer. My Room and the Foundation continue to work together – speaking with one voice, and acting with one vision to make Australia a global leader in the fight against childhood cancer. Clinical research is their focus and grant-funding decisions are made jointly to achieve the best outcomes for cancer research.

Thinking bigger still, between 2002 and 2004, My Room in collaboration with the Children’s Cancer Foundation conducted an unprecedented capital campaign which raised $22 million for construction of the new Children’s Cancer Centre and research laboratories at the Royal Children’s Hospital – setting a new standard for pediatric cancer clinics and research facilities in Australia.

My Room is run by volunteers, with over 90 cents out of every dollar going directly towards conducting medical research and providing quality patient care. Remaining costs go towards organising and paying for fundraising activities and part-time bookkeeping fees. But for us, it’s not about the numbers. It’s about the stories. It’s about the lives touched by childhood cancers, and what we can do to make a difference. And to keep making a difference we need your help.

Why My Room?

Our volunteers and stakeholders are passionate and committed to making a difference. They’re efficient and effective at tapping into their networks and supporter base. And with their long history of service, goodwill and long established connections, they’re able to engage with hospital stakeholders and nurture these important relationships.

Our values

We believe making a positive difference means acting with:
Integrity · Authenticity · Vision

Our vision

By 2021 My Room wants to be one of the largest charities supporting children with cancer. Continuing to fund life saving research – striving for 100% cure rate for all childhood cancers.

Help us reach our goal and donate now.

Our Committee

My Room is run by a dedicated volunteer committee. Their generous contributions and enthusiastic commitment are what make our achievements possible.

Our committee members include:

Maurizio Marcocci - Chairman
Mary Kayalicos - Vice President
Thomas Mort - Vice President
Kerrie Ryan - Vice President
Margaret Zita - Vice President
Nick Alexander - Secretary
Anthony Chizzoniti - Treasurer
Luke Hodge - Ambassador/Captain, Hawthorn Football Club

Alex Bialocki
Alan Eskander
Rob D'Orazio
Clark Kirby
Kate Martin
Mary McGowan
Wynne McGrath
Shannon McGrath

Neredah McIntosh
Ann Rathbone
Doug Rathbone
James Roche
Tony Schiavello
Camilla Speer
Dr Keith Waters

By 2021 My Room wants to be one of the largest charity supporting children with cancer. Continuing to fund life saving research – striving for 100% cure rate for all childhood cancers. Help us reach our goal and donate now.

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